Built-in wardrobes

Sufficient storage space – a fundamental precondition for creating a comfortable, visually enjoyable and decluttered interior!

Even the fanciest interior design will lose its charm when accompanied by a mound of random belongings; and the entryway will appear dark and narrow, if your outerwear won’t have been shown to its own nook.

How to ensure your home will always feel clean and organized? Choose spacious and modern storage solutions!

ALSEM offers creating built-in wardrobes with sliding doors or classic doors, for any size or purpose needed: for your clothing in the bedroom, your board games and books in the living area, or outerwear in the hallway.

For smaller-sized rooms, we recommend selecting light colours or mirror panels for your built-in wardrobe. These will capture and maximize the natural light that enters the room, visually making the room itself appear larger.

On the other hand, in rooms where space is not a limit, we encourage you to let your fantasy run wild! Our team of specialists are always excited to help your dream materialize and become a tangible addition to your interior!

How to order a built-in wardrobe?

Step 1


Apply for complimentary measuring by filling in the form on the home page!

As we visit, we will discuss your requirements and take the necessary measurements.

Step 2


We create the design according to the needs you’ve expressed and the dimensions we have measured.

We will present the design and estimated costs for your approval before starting the manufacturing process.

Step 3


At this point the ALSEM team of specialists get to work!

Utilizing only the best materials and fittings, we ensure full adherence to your requirements.

Step 4


We will arrange for the most convenient date and time to deliver and start installing the wardrobe.

All that’s left for you to do is to start enjoying your new item!

Book free measurement service now!

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